About Us

Patent Designs has been operating as a drafting service in the IP industry for over 25 years. We are a well organized and
well trained team that understands the needs of our clients and we take pride in our ability to assist anyone from the solo
inventor to the large firm practitioner.

Moving away from a traditional office environment, Patent Designs operates in a remote setting. This transition has allowed
us to provide longer service hours and be available in multiple time zones, providing greater value to our clients when
they are in tight situations. Being remote also provides us with the ability to keep our costs low, which in
turn directly impacts the competitive prices we are able to offer our clients.

Lastly, the trust of our clients is our most important responsibility as a company. Our goal is to be sure that you as our client
be absolutely confident that we are going to not only protect your idea but do our best to make your vision into a reality.

Richard Kirkpatrick

Richard spent the first several years of his young adult life serving as part of the Air Force, he was able to gain valuable experience in working as part of team and developing a cohesive unit working on one goal. After his service term was over he took a job with an engineering firm as part of the computer support division. This was the beginning of Richards’ journey into the digital support industry that was beginning to grow surrounding law and engineering firms. 

After working for several different law firms, Richard, now 26, decided it was time to strike out on his own and ultimately
started what is Patent Designs. This was born of the need he saw for the drawing services but also
his desire to work directly with clients, one of the things Richard likes most is to make his clients happy.

The ever changing landscape that is IP law also provided Richard the chance to constantly see new things,
and be working on new projects. He has built a truly unique team that is customer oriented, creating relationships such
that Patent Designs operates almost as an in house drafter.

Besides working Richard devotes his time to his interests and his family, he loves to fish in Alaska and will hop at
the chance to do anything outdoors. Richard’s grandkids are especially important to him and he can often be
found flying his paramotor around Eastern Texas with them. Richard and his wife travel/work from a motorhome so
are provided the unique opportunity to visit clients and see varying parts of the country.

Company Goals

We wish to be the forefront of the patent drawing industry through high-impact, precise patent drawings; backed by knowledge, experience, and customer/client loyalty.